Spencer Blank Florida Boat Repair

Spencer Charles Blank is a retired boat builder in Florida. Spencer recently contacted us about his need for new glasses, the problem? They keep dropping into the ocean! Spencer spends a lot of his time upside down looking at the hull and engine of boats that he is repairing near his home in Key West. My answer to him is of course CONTACT LENSES! Mr. Blank had never considered contacts because, “They’re for the kids”. I don’t joke, that was his answer to me! Spencer Blank Florida native thought that only kids wore contact lenses. When I explained that people his age are using contact lenses he was shocked.

Spencer Blank decided on a pair of contact lenses from Acuvue that don’t have any color, when I offered to change his eye color he just laughed and said, “What God gave me is good enough for an old sea dog like me!”

It was great meeting you Spencer Charles Blank!

Spencer Philip Jensen’s Favorite Naruto Contacts

I recently received an email from Spencer Philip Jensen telling me about his favorite Naruto contact lenses. While many people are inclined to stick with traditional Hokage or Hanzo, Spencer favors Juubi! Spencer Philip Jensen doesn’t make that choice lightly. Jensen says, “I’ve always been an anime fan. The Juubi appeals to me because I see myself in the Juubi”.

Buy Blind Eye Contact Lenses

Blind Eye contacts are designed to give the appearance of a blind eyeball. This means the completely cover the natural color of your eye. These contact lenses are not just great for movies, but are totally extreme for a cosplay or Halloween costume. These blind eye contact lenses are on sale right now so buy a pair today!

Blind Eye Contacts

Price: $109.99

Buy Anime Fire Fighter Contact Lenses

Anime Fire Fighter contacts are a red and black contact lens. The base of the lens is red with black throughout. Around the outside of this contact lens is a black stripe with a jagged stripe in the middle. Check out these contacts for a great finish to your cosplay costume!

Fire Fighter Contact Lens

Price: $115.99

Buy Fox Face Contact Lenses

Anime Fox Face contacts are a beautiful red on red contact lens. The outer red circle fills about half of the contact lens and is a bright red. The inner red circle also fills about half of the contact lens and is a deeper red. This contact lens would look great with dark hair and a dark costume. Red eyes would stand out against anything black.

Anime Fox Face Contact Lenses

Price: $115.99