Investors Underground Explains New Vision for Day Trading Practices

In creating a day trading community in which an incredible wealth of relevant information is shared among members, Investors Underground has consistently espoused the notion that education is one of the most beneficial components of any organized community dedicated to day trading.

Investors Underground, in support of its vision for an ideal approach to day trading, has made webinars available on a regular basis and offers in-depth educational courses in addition to the daily scan sheets and watch lists that include such valuable information for day traders of all experience levels.

It’s not hard to see the value in adopting such a vision regarding continuing access to education, particularly since day trading offers such an incredible opportunity for generating a sizable return on the initial investment. As Investors Underground sees it, it’s simply more likely for day traders to generate the results they are seeking through the benefit of community support as well as educational programs.

Is a Permanent Eye Color Change Procedure Possible?

Whether we like to admit it or not, our physical appearance is important to us. It is so important, in fact, that we will sometimes go to great lengths in our efforts to improve our appearance. These efforts may involve highly restrictive diets, difficult workout routines and all kinds of strange skin care techniques, but there are more extreme measures that go well beyond eliminating carbohydrates or submitting to the whim of a seemingly sadistic personal trainer. In the most extreme of circumstances, cosmetic surgery is available to those who have not been able to achieve the physical changes they have been seeking through the use of other options.

One of the most interesting developments in the field of cosmetic surgery is the availability of procedures to permanently change eye color based on nothing more than the patient’s personal preference. While some procedures for a permanent color change have more or less existed for quite some time now, the most recent development seems to be far less risky than the previously available options. This may be true, but the procedure is not nearly as well established as ac repair Phoenix, and the fact that it is still quite new means that the level of expertise cannot be comparable to that of HVAC professionals or others operating in established industries.

This newly developed procedure is based on an interesting fact that many people seem to be unaware of. The procedure is able to function due to the understanding that all humans have blue eyes, but the blue just so happens to be obscured by other pigments. Those who have brown eyes have a great deal of pigment while those with green eyes have just a bit less. The rare blue-eyed individual, on the other hand, has a total lack of pigment, so the new procedure simply removes the existing pigment from brown- or green-eyed individuals to reveal the more aesthetically appealing blue.

The procedure is completed with a 30-second exposure to a low-energy laser, and the results are said to become visible in two to four weeks following the procedure. While the procedure is still in its earliest stages, it has been compared favorably to Lasik, which uses a higher-energy laser and, despite its risks, is considered a safe procedure. When compared to some of the previously available options that included the use of incisions and carried a greater risk, the laser-based procedure seems to be far more preferable for those seeking a permanent change in eye color.

While the laser procedure certainly appears to be a far better option compared to an invasive procedure requiring an incision, it is hard to imagine why these individuals do not simply opt for colored contacts to achieve the results they desire. When used properly, colored contacts do not cause any discomfort and the color (assuming the individual selects a natural lens color) is not easily identified as the result of a contact lens. Most people who wear colored contacts point out that only close friends and family notice the lenses, and that is only because friends and family know the lens-wearer’s original eye color.

The other question regarding the preference between lenses and a cosmetic procedure is the permanency of the outcome. Removing the pigment from the eye is irreversible, so there is no returning to brown or green eyes if the individual is dissatisfied with the blue eyes. To restore eye color with contact lenses, all that is necessary is to simply remove them. This is done quickly and easily, allowing the wearer to choose the situations and circumstances in which they change the color of their eyes. Given the fact that the permanent solutions are still being tested and appear to be irreversible, colored contact lenses simply remain as the most ideal and cost-effective option for those who wish to change their natural eye color.

Murziline Parchment on How Opting for Contact Lenses Can Influence Initial Impressions

There are few things as valuable in the world of business as a solid first impression. This is true for businesses, executives, employees and job seekers alike, as it is fairly well established that a strong first impression has a profound impact on long-term perception. In making a good first impression, there are superficial components that include physical appearance and mode of dress, and there are even some who believe a first impression can be heavily influenced by the seemingly meaningless decision to wear eyeglasses instead of contact lenses. As Murziline Parchment has noted, these superficial impressions are more important than most people realize and can result in a long-term impact on the perceptions of others.

As a professional who has experienced a great deal during a lengthy business career, Murziline Parchment has seen countless articles confidently doling out conflicting advice to everyone from job seekers to organizational leadership. One article will advise against ever wearing eyeglasses, citing studies in which researchers concluded that observers subconsciously judged eyeglass wearers to be weaker than non-eyeglass wearers; another article will lay out what appears to be an equally sound argument for wearing eyeglasses and forgoing contacts, noting that observers made a subconscious and positive judgment regarding the intelligence of the individual because of their glasses. While certain aspects of these studies are accurate, it is almost always more beneficial to opt for contact lenses in business situations.

The problem is, of course, that few people read each subsequent article that details the new developments relating to contact lenses and eyeglasses. As a result, there are many who continue on with their professional careers while utilizing advice that may very well be wholly inaccurate, leading to poor choices regarding the ideal professional settings in which eyeglasses are acceptable versus the instances in which it is best to wear contact lenses. While most professionals believe that perception should be based on less superficial factors, the truth is that a lack of situational awareness may cause unintentional harm to the manner in which others perceive them.

Murziline Parchment understands that repeated clichés regarding the importance of first impressions have led many individuals throughout the business industry to put far too much thought into their efforts to make a strong initial impression, though there is certainly some truth inherent in the cliché. The problem, however, stems from the fact that even the most well-intentioned advice provided by outside sources seems to promote wholly superficial tactics in favor of more substantive strategies. While a tailored suit and prescription contact lenses will register some positive impact on perception, the fact of the matter remains that the best way for anyone in the business world to make a strong first impression is to showcase their personality — with a particular focus on displaying their intellect, creativity and work ethic above all else – in conjunction with these superficial considerations.

Ultimately, businesses want employees who will excel in the duties with which they are charged, and employees will work diligently for leaders who are capable, intelligent and willing to take the time to clearly define organizational goals while outlining the strategies necessary to achieve those goals. In the long run, as Murziline Parchment and others have suggested, no one is really going to remember whether someone was wearing eyeglasses or not, but they will recall the impression those superficial factors contributed to. While forgoing contacts in favor of eyeglasses may be a mistake, people also tend to remember the ideas and the philosophies expressed by others during an initial meeting. This fosters a positive initial perception based on measures that are far more likely to reflect something true and meaningful about the individual over the long term.

With this clarification in mind, is it still important to make superficial preparations in advance of an initial business meeting? Of course it is. It is also important to remember, however, that this superficial focus should only be such that it ensures there is nothing that unnecessarily distracts from the sharing of the kind of ideas and concepts that represent better measures for shaping initial perception. While it simply more ideal to choose to wear contact lenses in these circumstances, it is important to understand that wearing glasses will not completely undermine the impression made on others.

Animal Sanctuary Gets Love From New Contact Profits

Have you heard of such a thing as a smart contact lens? Obviously, as the name suggests, these are contact lenses that are far more advanced, but does that mean they are better? A few weeks ago, Google and Novatris teamed up together, and made an announcement stating that they are going to develop such contact lenses. From what information has been gathered on the lens in question, the lenses are said to be able to automatically adjust your focus as the monitor glucose levels in the eye. Wow, computers really are being put into everything.

You can bet your two front teeth these contact lenses are going to cost a hefty penny. To be honest, regular contact lenses are quite expensive as well, so hopefully when the release of the smart lenses we can begin to see a drop in price from the regulars. Google and Novatris have stated that a portion of the funds from the smart lenses will be donated to the Animal Sanctuary of St Croix Valley. “It gives me pleasure to announce that the CEO of Google and myself have come to the conclusion to donate 25% of profits from the smart lens to the animals in need,” said CEO of Novatris.

Although we may be clear on what the new contact lenses do, what we are unsure of is when we can begin to expect them and exactly how much of a benefit these lenses will be to us. Google’s plans for the smart lens are to make them a pure benefactor for your health. With the lenses measuring and monitor glucose levels from your tears, they are hoping it will be a step towards catching diseases such as diabetes in the very early stages or before it develops at all. Not only are they looking after your health in ways of diabetes, but Google is pushing for the smart lens to also detect signs of developing cancers of the breast, lung, colon, and much more.

A plethora of obstacles is still in place before we’re all walking around with super lenses that detect glucose levels, auto focus where we are looking, provide night vision and more. Earlier prototypes aren’t nearly as comfortable as they should be due to the thickness of them being too much. Novatris is certain we should be seeing them in full development by middle 2016.

Hugo Sebastian Hirsch Offers Rare Insight Into How Vision Influences His Writing

A professional blogger and in-demand consultant, Hugo Sebastian Hirsch has worn corrective lenses for quite some time. While he appreciates how his glasses and contact lenses have enabled him to see the world more clearly, he frequently spends entire days viewing his surroundings without the benefit of his corrective eyewear. According to Hirsch, there are several reasons why he does this every so often, some of which is directly related to his career as a writer.

“Whenever I write, I am attempting to describe the world both in the way I see it and in the way others see it, in both a literal and a figurative sense,” says Hirsch. “When describing something’s literal appearance, I sometimes find it helpful to look at it through my own blurry natural vision, as this allows me to disassociate it from what it is or what its title may be and focus only on its general shape and form. I know it may sound kind of odd, but I feel like I can more accurately describe something when I cannot see it so clearly.”

This visual practice is readily apparent in Hirsch’s creative work, particularly when it comes his more surrealist projects. Of course, Hirsch does not forgo his glasses and contact lenses just for the sake of his writing, as he did offer several other reasons for occasionally moving through the world without any corrective lenses.

“I like to spend a few hours not wearing glasses or contacts every once in a while just to be reminded of how fortunate I am to have the option of wearing them,” says Hirsch. “I never want to take for granted the fact that I am able to see the world very clearly despite having natural vision that can be charitably characterized as not very good. By spending time without them, I have a deeper appreciation of my good fortune and am much less likely to complain when my eyes become irritated from having to wear contacts.”