Animal Sanctuary Gets Love From New Contact Profits

Have you heard of such a thing as a smart contact lens? Obviously, as the name suggests, these are contact lenses that are far more advanced, but does that mean they are better? A few weeks ago, Google and Novatris teamed up together, and made an announcement stating that they are going to develop such contact lenses. From what information has been gathered on the lens in question, the lenses are said to be able to automatically adjust your focus as the monitor glucose levels in the eye. Wow, computers really are being put into everything.

You can bet your two front teeth these contact lenses are going to cost a hefty penny. To be honest, regular contact lenses are quite expensive as well, so hopefully when the release of the smart lenses we can begin to see a drop in price from the regulars. Google and Novatris have stated that a portion of the funds from the smart lenses will be donated to the Animal Sanctuary of St Croix Valley. “It gives me pleasure to announce that the CEO of Google and myself have come to the conclusion to donate 25% of profits from the smart lens to the animals in need,” said CEO of Novatris.

Although we may be clear on what the new contact lenses do, what we are unsure of is when we can begin to expect them and exactly how much of a benefit these lenses will be to us. Google’s plans for the smart lens are to make them a pure benefactor for your health. With the lenses measuring and monitor glucose levels from your tears, they are hoping it will be a step towards catching diseases such as diabetes in the very early stages or before it develops at all. Not only are they looking after your health in ways of diabetes, but Google is pushing for the smart lens to also detect signs of developing cancers of the breast, lung, colon, and much more.

A plethora of obstacles is still in place before we’re all walking around with super lenses that detect glucose levels, auto focus where we are looking, provide night vision and more. Earlier prototypes aren’t nearly as comfortable as they should be due to the thickness of them being too much. Novatris is certain we should be seeing them in full development by middle 2016.

Hugo Sebastian Hirsch Offers Rare Insight Into How Vision Influences His Writing

A professional blogger and in-demand consultant, Hugo Sebastian Hirsch has worn corrective lenses for quite some time. While he appreciates how his glasses and contact lenses have enabled him to see the world more clearly, he frequently spends entire days viewing his surroundings without the benefit of his corrective eyewear. According to Hirsch, there are several reasons why he does this every so often, some of which is directly related to his career as a writer.

“Whenever I write, I am attempting to describe the world both in the way I see it and in the way others see it, in both a literal and a figurative sense,” says Hirsch. “When describing something’s literal appearance, I sometimes find it helpful to look at it through my own blurry natural vision, as this allows me to disassociate it from what it is or what its title may be and focus only on its general shape and form. I know it may sound kind of odd, but I feel like I can more accurately describe something when I cannot see it so clearly.”

This visual practice is readily apparent in Hirsch’s creative work, particularly when it comes his more surrealist projects. Of course, Hirsch does not forgo his glasses and contact lenses just for the sake of his writing, as he did offer several other reasons for occasionally moving through the world without any corrective lenses.

“I like to spend a few hours not wearing glasses or contacts every once in a while just to be reminded of how fortunate I am to have the option of wearing them,” says Hirsch. “I never want to take for granted the fact that I am able to see the world very clearly despite having natural vision that can be charitably characterized as not very good. By spending time without them, I have a deeper appreciation of my good fortune and am much less likely to complain when my eyes become irritated from having to wear contacts.”

Proper Contact Lens Habits Are an Important Part of Health Care

There are so many things we take for granted when it comes to our health, and one of the most common mistakes we make relates to the seemingly minor details that are so easy to overlook. When it comes to contact lenses, far too many people disregard the potential impact that improper care, handling and wear can have on overall health. It is often the case that those who wear contact lenses initially abide by all of the various guidelines, only to slowly fall into a pattern of laziness that may not have any immediate consequences. The long-term implications, however, are serious enough that those who wear contact lenses should closely follow the recommendations regarding proper care and wear.

As Dana Sibilsky has noted, there are few things worse than failing to follow the advice of a doctor. In the case of contact lenses, an eye doctor will likely recommend that wearers develop good habits regarding cleanliness and the supplies used in caring for the contact lenses. The lenses are supposed to be cleaned with a disinfecting solution specifically designed for contacts, but many wearers instead run them under water or even use saliva to “clean” them. This is a mistake that could lead to infection, which is why doctors urge wearers of contact lenses to use a disinfecting solution each time the lens is removed.

It is not only important for the lenses to be kept clean, but also for the contact lens case as well. The case should be cleaned with a disinfecting solution and then dried with a clean tissue. Once cleaned, the case should be stored upside-down and with the caps removed following each use. Many wearers mistakenly use water to clean out their case, fail to wipe the case dry or simply add a bit of solution to the existing solution already in the case. All of these seemingly minor missteps can lead to a serious infection that could have been easily avoided by simply following instructions for proper care.

It is never a good idea to ignore the advice of a health professional, and it is somewhat shocking that so many contact lens wearers do not properly value cleanliness when it comes to something that is in direct contact with their eyes. An infection can cause blurry vision, discomfort, redness and serious pain, so wearers should abide by the cleanliness recommendations espoused by health professionals if they wish to avoid these complications.

Arthur Falcone – Miami Worldcenter Developer

As an experienced executive who is able to draw on a vast record of entrepreneurial achievement, Arthur Falcone has continued to be prominently involved in all aspects of the real estate industry. The founding principal of Miami Worldcenter Associates and a co-founder of Encore Capital Management, Mr. Falcone’s sharp business acumen has served him incredibly well over his 35 years of executive-level experience. His vision and insight has led to expansive projects relating to real estate development, and his exceptional creativity is readily apparent in the magnificent renderings of his planned future projects.

Mr. Falcone’s current success in real estate is simply the most recent example of his talent for executive leadership resulting in wildly profitable business ventures. Mr. Falcone’s long and successful professional career as an executive began at the age of just 22, when he became the youngest operator of a McDonald’s franchise. His success with his first franchise quickly led to rapid expansion, as Mr. Falcone went on to become the owner of over 100 restaurants in multiple states throughout the country.

The success in the restaurant industry made it clear that Mr. Falcone possessed a rare skill for executive leadership and for identifying investment opportunities in a variety of industries. He became actively involved in real estate development in the late-1980s, forming Transeastern Properties, Inc. Under Mr. Falcone’s watch, this company would grow to become the most prominent builder of homes in the entire state of Florida, enabling Mr. Falcone to sell the company for a sum of $1.6 billion, making it one of the most significant private transactions in the entire history of the industry.

Following the sale of Transeastern Properties, Mr. Falcone used the resulting capital to continue to invest in profitable real estate ventures, eventually leading to the founding of Miami Worldcenter and Encore Capital Management, with both ventures continuing on in the spirit of Mr. Falcone’s successful prior endeavors. The impressive scale of the projects these ventures are currently undertaking should come as no surprise given Mr. Falcone’s history of grand achievements in such a wide variety of industries.

Through his work with Miami Worldcenter, Mr. Falcone has devoted his efforts to improving and revitalizing a number of urban areas that have been degraded due to disuse. These sorts of projects typically present any number of complex issues, but Mr. Falcone’s experience is expected to assist in overcoming the development of any such issues. His previous achievements in real estate and his keen vision for the restoration of these undeveloped areas has Miami Worldcenter Associates poised for a great deal of continued success.

The reason that there are such high expectations for Mr. Falcone’s efforts with Miami Worldcenter are not only due to his overwhelming success with Transeastern Properties, but also due to his history in establishing the Falcone Group. While serving as the CEO and chairman of the board of this organization, Mr. Falcone again created a highly profitable organization that focused on the development of both land and real estate while utilizing vertical integration in the process.

As for Encore Capital Management, Mr. Falcone’s administrative talents have assisted the firm in establishing a management portfolio valued at more than $1 billion. Mr. Falcone, along with his co-founder, has achieved this success by ensuring that Encore Capital Management functions as a diversified and multiple-fund investment firm that focuses on one of its co-founder’s many strengths: real estate and land development.

Of all of the real estate and land development that Mr. Falcone has oversaw throughout his long and prosperous career, perhaps it is the planned urban development in Miami that is his boldest yet. Currently approved and underway, the project aims to take advantage of the expansive 30-acre property in Miami’s underutilized downtown area. Mr. Falcone’s vision will see this property optimized through the development of commercial and residential real estate that would completely revitalize an area that is in need of an influx of businesses and residents alike.

In addition to these most recent ventures, Mr. Falcone is also heavily involved in a number of charitable endeavors. He is on the board of the Crohn’s and Colitis National Foundation while also serving in the same position with SOS Children’s Village. Mr. Falcone has also served as a benefactor for countless charitable organizations, including a donation to Junior Achievement BizTown that led to the development of a state-of-the-art facility promoting experiential learning relating to financial literacy and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Spencer Blank Florida Boat Repair

Spencer Charles Blank is a retired boat builder in Florida. Spencer recently contacted us about his need for new glasses, the problem? They keep dropping into the ocean! Spencer spends a lot of his time upside down looking at the hull and engine of boats that he is repairing near his home in Key West. My answer to him is of course CONTACT LENSES! Mr. Blank had never considered contacts because, “They’re for the kids”. I don’t joke, that was his answer to me! Spencer Blank Florida native thought that only kids wore contact lenses. When I explained that people his age are using contact lenses he was shocked.

Spencer Blank decided on a pair of contact lenses from Acuvue that don’t have any color, when I offered to change his eye color he just laughed and said, “What God gave me is good enough for an old sea dog like me!”

It was great meeting you Spencer Charles Blank!