Discount Lenses

With surgery comes the need to alter your lifestyle. If you've recently had cataract surgery and didn't have an intraocular lens implanted, read on.

Cataract surgery can be a scary surgery because the surgeon will be operating on your eye! Once the surgery is over, you will probably not be able to wear your old contact lenses any longer. You'll need to switch to something like Bausch & Lomb's Silsoft Aphakic Adult lenses.

These Silsoft Aphakic Adult lenses are specifically designed for those people who have had cataract surgery. If you're doctor recommended these contact lenses and you've never had cataract surgery, please make sure that the doctor is recommending and prescribing the correct lenses for your medical condition.

The Silsoft Aphakic Adult lens looks like this:

These lenses are available at a lot of different companies online and are usually priced at about $150 per eye. Keep in mind that these are not disposable lenses so the cost is offset by the lack of needing to replace them so often.

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